Exterior Trim lessons from Long Island Coastal Builders

From The Build Show.

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Sit back and enjoy this tips and tricks filled video regarding sea front construction, and some of the methods used to craft some of the highest quality construction. Matt and Wade are back in NE, visiting a Long Island builder, Seifert Construction. They have been building in the area for three generations, and the fourth recently joined the team. The guys at http://seifertconstruction.com/ have been utilizing Versatex for over a decade, a PVC material, to not only bring their clients dreams to reality, but to make sure they stay that way. Building on the ocean, or anywhere for that matter, can be demanding on our materials for a number of reasons, and products like Versatex help combat this. Tune in to learn more about why you should be using materials like this and some construction methods to make these details last as long as possible.

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