Fighting the Plague with @Bill Gates

From How To Make Everything.

How can we prevent the next pandemic? In today’s video, we’re assembling a variety of tools and remedies that have been used by doctors since ancient times. We’re joined today by Bill Gates, who has been deeply involved in the medical world. Let’s put his medical knowledge to the test!

Check out How to Prevent the Next Pandemic by Bill Gates here:

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▼ Credits ▼
Created and Hosted by Andy George
Co-Hosted and Assistance by Lauren Lexvold
Camera and Cinematography by Daniel Garritsen
Primary Editing by Joseph Knox-Carr

Music by Taylor Lewin:

▼ Video Chapters ▼
0:00 | Episode Introduction
0:45 | History of Infectious Diseases
1:38 | Crafting the Plague Mask
2:41 | Forging the Medieval Medical Instruments
4:06 | Glassblowing the Herb Jars
5:07 | Collecting the Herbs
8:25 | Making the Medical Bag
9:29 | Putting Bill Gates to the Test
13:52 | Bill Gates’ Thoughts on the Pandemic
20:54 | Collecting the Penicillin Sample
21:34 | Episode Outro