Fixing YOUR Sleep | Sleeping With Friends


From “BrainCraft”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

How much sleep did you get last night? None? Huh. Neither did we. We were just putting the finishing touches on this competition show we made about sleep science.

Who’s the deeper sleeper? Whose snooze will lose? Greg Brown and Melissa Maribel face off to find out in the premier episode of Sleeping with Friends, a new BrainCraft series where reality meets science, hosted by Vanessa Hill.

In the next two episodes, YouTube Creators will go head to head to see who can improve their sleep the most. Our expert judges will determine who slept best and use science to tell us why.

Meet the Contestants:
•Greg Brown
•Melissa Maribel

Meet the Experts:
•Dr. Ali Mattu
•Trace Dominguez
•Kati Morton

Please note this series was filmed in March before social distancing requirements.

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