Foam Free House – Is this Silly, or should we ALL BE BUILDING LIKE THIS?

From The Build Show.

In this episode of The Build Show, Matt is visiting a home under construction that is being built for a chemically sensitive client. They wanted a home that was healthy, had good indoor air quality, and was a free as possible from chemicals. You’ll see how Builder Luke Mezger is building this tight, well insulated home without the use of Spray Foam and get some great ideas for your next BUILD. As a bonus, Luke breaks down the benefits of MGO board and gives some tips for those interested in reducing EMF inside their home.
Zip 2.0 –
Zip 2.0 Instal Tips –
Zip-R Insulated Sheathing –
Mineral Based Interior Paint Used Here –
MGO Board Luke used on this project for Subfloor and Roof Decking.
Siga Fentrim F Tape Luke used to air seal Zip to Slab on the outside.
Matt’s Keen Work Boots
Ultra-Aire 98H Dehumidifier –

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