From $0 to $175K/Month with a Car Rental Business (Pt. 2)


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Do you love classic or exotic cars? Does your back tingle at the sound of a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder? Car lovers and entrepreneurs—Listen up! Ronnie Danelian, owner of Legends Car Rentals, is going to tell you how to combine work and play.

Ronnie was a car enthusiast for as long as he can remember, but in 2015, he and partners started Legends Car Rentals with just a small collection of classic cars. Five years later, it’s LA’s premier luxury and classic car rental service and nets over $175k a month!

In part two of our interview, we’re digging deeper into how to start a rental car business. Ronnie will talk about startup costs and ongoing expenses. He’ll tell you what the monthly overhead is for a luxury car rental business.

We’ll also talk to Ronnie about how his work week developed from when he first started out, to how many hours he now puts in every week. He’ll also tell us about his most successful marketing and advertising campaigns.

Building a base with high-end clientele and celebrities has been key to the success of Legends. Ronnie is giving us his insights on how to create a loyal customer base and his approach to generating repeat business.

You’ve probably seen some of their fleet in your favorite movies and music videos. Even Kendall Jenner was spotted driving their ’65 Mustang.

This interview is full of amazing business insights and one we consider—dare we say it?—legendary! If you’ve ever wanted to know how to start a car rental business, don’t miss this interview!

You can visit Legends Car Rental’s site at

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0:00 Intro
0:46 What we need to know
2:07 Percentage of new customers
3:22 Stability of revenue
4:42 Blitz
6:24 Recouping the cost of a car
7:44 Tip on picking the right car
8:19 Most difficult thing about running the business
9:12 Most profitable and least profitable car model
10:23 Biggest problem in this industry
11:40 Advice from Ronnie
12:49 Outro

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