From $50/Day to Making $1,750/Day with Food Truck Business (Pt. 2)


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Are you wondering how to start a food truck business—and earn six figures in you first year? Sacramento-based Onit Coffee accomplished that feat, and we’re collaborating with Reyes the Entrepreneur to find out how they did it.

Founder Shadi Khattab started Onit Coffee in January 2020 with a mission: to keep things local and give back to the community. Shadi is a non-profit manager, as well, running 4 non-profit campaigns at the same time he was starting a food truck business.

Since a portion of the food truck profits are donated to local organizations, customers can feel good knowing they’re helping their community when they get coffee from Onit.

In part 2 of our interview, we’ll learn the secrets to Shadi’s food truck business success and hear his advice of how you can follow his lead.

We’ll talk about the initial expenses of starting a food truck or food trailer business and how he recouped that investment and grew his profits, even during a pandemic that’s forced many restaurants to close their doors for good.

We’ll also see what day to day life is like for a food truck owner and hear his tips for choosing smart locations and building a following.

Anyone who wants to start a food truck can gain invaluable insights from this video.

If you haven’t watched part 1, make sure to check it out over on Reyes the Entrepreneur’s channel. You can find out more about Onit Coffee at their website,

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