From Shark Tank to $250K/Year eCommerce Business (Pt. 1)

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Have you ever had an idea for a product and wondered whether it could make a profit? Jason Hernandez ran with his idea for the Pooch Selfie and it’s paid off in a big way, on par to hit $250K in earnings in 2021.

Pooch Selfie is a truly unique invention, made to help dog owners take great photos with their pets. Jason came up with the idea watching his wife struggle to take a selfie with his dog, Logan. He funded the initial product run through a Kickstarter and launched an eCommerce store. A few years later, Pooch Selfie joined Season 10 of Shark Tank, catapulting their brand to a new level of growth.

Today, we’re talking to Jason about starting Pooch Selfie, from first coming up with the online business idea to his experience writing Shark Tank pitches and working with Daymond John.

One big question we’ll ask is how to start in eCommerce with no money and how much he raised through Kickstarter. We’ll also find out how he markets Pooch Selfie and his tips for building your brand as an ecommerce business for beginners.

Despite this huge revenue growth, Jason still runs Pooch Selfie out of his own home, with no staff or employees to help. We’ll find out what systems he’s set up to stay organized and informed about every aspect of his eCommerce business, and how he’s connected with manufacturers, suppliers, packaging services who will do great work for a fair price. We’ll also we’ll hear about his experience on Shark Tank and what you should keep in mind when pitching your idea.

If you’ve wondered how to start an online store, this interview is a must-watch! You can find out more about Pooch Selfie at their website,

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0:00 Intro
1:19 Meeting Pooch Selfie Owner Jason
2:00 Pooch Selfie Product Demonstration
2:47 Experience Using Funding Platform Kickstarter
3:53 Sales Overview
5:00 Shark Tank TV Show Discussion
6:25 Company Growth
7:29 New Product Development
8:30 Marketing
9:21 How To Be A Successful eCommerce Business Owner
10:06 Outro

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