From Working At McDonalds to a Yacht Charter Business (Pt. 1)


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How would you like to make a living with charter planes and yacht rentals to celebrities? That’s the concept behind UNIQ, a luxury charter business in Los Angeles. UNIQ has doubled its revenue every year, and today we’re talking to the founder to learn how he did it.

Dmitry Lyubimov didn’t plan to open a yacht charter business when he bought his first boat. After his previous business went under, though, he realized there was money to be made in the charter yacht business.

Starting from one boat, he’s expanded his fleet to include limos, planes, and even helicopters, catering to every need for his high-class clientele.

In today’s interview, Dmitry will share how he started UNIQ, as well as his tips and advice for anyone who wants to start a yacht charter business of their own. He’s built an impressive client list during his years in business.

We’ll find out how he grew his reputation among LA’s elite and how he manages his clients to give each of them the VIP experience they’re looking for.

One enticing thing about the yacht charter business is its potential for high profit margins. We’ll find out which of Dmitry’s services brings in the most revenue and what a good day and a bad day look like for UNIQ.

He’ll also share his biggest monthly expenses and how much you should budget if you want to start a charter business.

If you’ve ever thought of opening a rental or charter business, you can learn a lot from this video!

To find out more about UNIQ and Dmitry, check out their website,

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