Global National: Aug. 12, 2022 | FBI search warrant of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home unsealed

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New details are emerging about what was in the 11 sets of highly classified documents taken from former U.S. President Donald Trump’s Florida home. On Monday, FBI agents descended on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion with a search warrant in an unprecedented operation, specifically looking for government materials Trump allegedly took from the White House before he left office, according to the document made public Friday. And what investigators found suggests Trump is under investigation for potentially serious violations of U.S. law. What could this mean for the former U.S. president? Jackson Proskow has more details on the now-unsealed warrant.

Acclaimed and polarizing author Salman Rushdie was stabbed in the neck while he was on stage at a convention in western New York. The governor of New York says the 75-year-old is alive and is getting the care he needs — and the suspect is in custody. Rushdie has faced death threats in the past, spent years with a bounty on his head and hiding from Iran because of his writing. Eric Sorensen has more on the attack.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, it also launched a parallel propaganda war to try and blur the lines of what was happening on the ground in Ukraine, in an effort to divide the world about the truth. Jeff Semple takes a look inside the Russian disinformation machine, including an exclusive interview with a Russian journalist who went undercover inside a modern-day "troll factory" that was set up to help sow misinformation online about the Russian war effort.

Finally, the housing market looks a lot different today than it did during the "buying frenzy" at the height of the pandemic. Home prices and activity seem to have cooled, and many economists think there are more corrections to come. Anne Gaviola has more on the changing variables and how to navigate this challenging market.

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