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Retired UT Extension Agent Mike Dennison gives the basics of growing grapes. There are two main types of grapes: bunch grapes and muscadines. The best time to plant or prune grapes is in the early spring, not the fall. Mike talks about muscadines. Muscadines are native to the south-eastern United States and do well in the climate. He gives the names of some cultivars that do well. Some muscadines require pollinator plants. Mike also talks about the bunch type grapes that are used for wine and table eating. All bunch grapes are self-fruitful, they don’t need a pollinator. Mike gives plant spacing information for muscadines and bunch grapes. He also talks about how to prune grapes. Fruit grows on new season’s growth coming from one-year-old wood. He talks about trellising options. He then talks about common grape diseases including black rot and Pierce’s disease. Insects and animals are not a major problem in grapes.

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