Group with suspected ties to “Freedom Convoy” faces eviction from Ottawa church

From Global News.

An Ottawa-based group with suspected ties to the so-called “Freedom Convoy” says it was threatened with eviction Wednesday and is ready to take the cause to court in an attempt to set up headquarters in the country’s capital.

The United People of Canada, or TUPOC, moved into a deconsecrated church in downtown Ottawa this summer as part of a conditional offer to buy the space.

The group calls the building an “embassy” and describes itself as a “diverse intergenerational fraternal organization.”

The landlord accuses the group of falling behind on $10,000 worth of rent, making changes to a heritage building without a permit and failing to show proof of insurance.

As Mike Drolet reports, the attempted eviction and a confrontation involving another group in Peterborough, Ont., has thrust alt-right and conspiracy groups back into the spotlight.

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