HBO Max Facts & Questions | Will it be any good?


Look, I’m an AT&T skeptic, especially with what’s happened to DIRECTV Now over the last year or so. But their new streaming service, HBO Max, looks … pretty sweet, actually

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The new service will get a lot of classic (and new classic) stuff, like the entire runs of Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Pretty Little Liars.

They’ll also have a bunch of original content, including offerings from Denis Villeneuve, Anna Kendrick, Reese Witherspoon, and more.

Filling out the library, there’s a lot more than just HBO, because AT&T owns a lot of other properties, too:
– Warner Bros.
– New Line
– DC Entertainment
– truTV
– The CW
– Turner Classic Movies
– Cartoon Network
– Adult Swim
– Crunchyroll
– Rooster Teeth
– Looney Tunes
– and more


What does it cost? They’ve teased $16-17/mo, will that hold?

Will Cinemax content be rolled in? They’re owned by TimeWarner as well, through HBO, so it would make sense if they want to bring in as many subscribers as possible.

Does this radically change the plan for the HBO brand? If it’s rolled in with all this other, less-adult-oriented stuff, will we see less premium content, more low-budget, low-return shows, similar to Netflix?


The on-demand streaming space is getting more and more crowded, and people will have to make some tough choices about what they’ll subscribe to. I’ve had my doubts about whether AT&T would be able to elbow their way into the space. But you know what?

I think they just might pull it off.