Home Air Purification – Watch Before you BUY or BUILD

From The Build Show.

High performance building is all about control. The more control we have, the better the building will perform. Not only will the building perform better from a durability and energy efficiency standpoint, but also from a health and comfort standpoint. Building should be focused on the occupants health and comfort just as much as the durability and efficiency. We build buildings to house people in them.

This is especially true when it comes to air. The better air sealed our buildings are, the more control we have over the quality and quantity of the air coming in. Most of the housing stock in America is leaky, meaning we don’t have control over what air comes into the conditioned space (our indoor air). We exhaust air from our buildings through dry vents, hood and bathroom fans, causing a pressure differential that draws in outdoor air through the path of least resistance, usual culprits being cracks and penetrations in the building envelope, gaps or voids in sill and plate connections, etc. This is problematic because the lack of control means we have no idea what quality the incoming air is, especially an issue in the event of wildfires, close proximity to certain factories, etc.

DIY/Emergency Air Purification – Box Fan w/Merv 13 (or highest rated you can find) filter


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