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Eyeworks for Film has produced contact lenses for “Game of Thrones,” “James Bond” movies, and “Star Wars.” We visited co-director Sinead Sweeney in London to find out how the lenses are produced and even get fitted with some of our own. Actors wear contacts to change their color pigment, look older, create imperfections, or even transform into another species. Beverly Hills optometrist Reuben Greenspoon is credited with first using lenses to augment a character’s appearance. Greenspoon was tasked with changing an actor’s eyes from natural brown to blue in 1939’s “Miracles for Sale.” He created a glazed blue-ceramic material. The lens was attached and run through a kiln to fuse the glass and ceramic together, leaving a round aperture of 4 millimeters through which actor Henry Hull could see. Since hydrogel contact lenses went into mass production in 1971, lenses with simple color pigments have become pretty accessible. But designing and painting bespoke lenses is still an art form. Our lenses were hand-painted by award-winning Cristina Patterson of Eye Ink FX in the US and manufactured by No7.

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How Contact Lenses Are Made For Movies