How did the ‘impossible’ Perfect Bridge Deal happen?

From Standup Mathematician.

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This was my previous video about Dream and Minecraft.
"How lucky is too lucky?: The Minecraft Speedrunning Dream Controversy Explained"

Yep, I did try to do 52 perfect shuffles in a row, live. With, I would say, some success.
This is the Patreon post with details:
You can now watch it here:

Check out Tori Noquez’s great videos.
"The Mathematics of 8 Perfect Faro Shuffles"

This is Peter Rowlett’s Aperiodical article "Four perfect hands: An event never seen before (right?)"

Plus Jason Davison did a Numberphile about perfect shuffles and magic.

This is how I actually did the calculation.

– The first upload of this video had some serious audio issues. Sorry! It broke when the video was render and because it was only in the middle I didn’t spot it once it had uploaded.
– At 07:45 I imply that you might start dealing from the bottom of the deck (obviously I would never dream of such a thing). But the structure is the same as dealing from the top. It was just easier to see from the ‘bottom’ of the face-up cards.
– 14:01I am inconsistent with "second card in" and "first card in". In both cases I mean the second card along. Which is the first card ‘in’.
– Let me know if you spot any mistakes in this version!

Thanks to my Patreon supporters who I used to justify spending several weeks learning how to do a faro shuffle. I’m meant to be writing a new book you know. So, thanks a lot.

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