How Do Phones See Us?


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No, you CAN’T name one thing in this photo. And neither can I. That level of visual chaos is deliberate, because it reveals what our brain goes through countless times each day as it tries to find meaning in the audio and visual information it processes.

Decades ago we were on our own with processing the noise and confusion around us, and that’s why we were so susceptible to forces like the Mandelbaum Effect. But as technology gets cheaper, more accessible, and more democratic, we have more tools to help us see and hear what we want.

LG sent me the new LG Velvet phone as we talked about technology’s role in improving information processing. From blasting through the limitations of lenses and sensors by utilizing pixel binning and multi-image fusion to isolating the important parts of sound with audio bokeh, simple tasks like seeing and hearing are getting a whole lot easier, and the LG Velvet proves it.

Because in the end, technology in 2020 isn’t just about hot features and gaudy stats on cameras and storage. It’s about how devices work directly with our brains to affect our lives, real-time human experience. It’s not about smartphones. It’s about us.

*** SOURCES ***

Thorstein Veblen, “The Theory of Business Enterprise.” (1904)

D. Alfred Owens, “The Mandelbaum Effect: Evidence for an accommodative bias toward intermediate viewing distances” (2016)

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