How He Makes $150,000/Month with an Amazon FBA Business (2021)

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Casey Walters turned his love for his St. Bernard into a multi-million dollar invention when he started selling on Amazon. His Amazon FBA business, Shed Defender, was really catapulted into the national spotlight when they were featured in Season 10 of Shark Tank, and are on pace to surpass $2 million in sales with Amazon in 2021.

Shed Defender has found all of this success without a physical storefront through Amazon FBA. In this interview, we’ll get Casey’s inside tips on Amazon FBA for beginners and his advice on how to make money on Amazon FBA step by step. We’ll start with the basics, like just what is Amazon FBA, and how a new business can attract customers and get them to buy your products.

Shed Defender is a unique product that truly created its own market segment when it was launched. We’ll find out how Casey refined and tested his idea before he even started to sell on Amazon. They haven’t stopped innovating, either, recently launching a new dog shampoo line and Recovery Onesie, with a line of dog chews in the works. Today, we’ll talk to Casey about how he knew it was a good time to expand and how to branch out as a business without losing focus.

If you’ve been wondering how to sell on Amazon (and actually make money doing it), Shed Defender is an excellent business to learn from. They’ve been growing steadily since 2016 and we’re excited to hear their secrets and tips. Check out their website if you want to learn more:

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Meeting Tyson
2:10 Initial Investment
3:26 Revenue Breakdown
4:02 Shark Tank’s Impact On The Business
5:08 Profit Margins
5:48 Growing Your Business On Amazon
8:04 Service Packages
9:21 Shark Tank Experience
10:37 Amazon FBA Business Breakdown
12:05 What Happened After Shark Tank
13:27 Amazon FBA Business Challenges
14:43 Marketing Your Amazon Store and Website
15:57 New Product Demand
17:31 Blitz
18:51 Product and Package Design
20:00 Product Production and Manufacturing
21:13 Amazon FBA Tips and Tricks
21:54 Inventory Management
22:45 Dealing With Product Delays
23:48 Product Pre-Launch Planning
25:00 Media Publication Features
26:30 Most Important Process Pillars
28:06 Best Selling Products
28:48 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic
29:52 Entrepreneur Tips and Advice
30:50 Outro

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