How many 3D nets does a 4D hypercube have?

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Which hypercube unfoldings tile space?

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Here is Giovanna Diaz and Joseph O’Rourke’s paper:

A091159 Number of distinct nets for the n-hypercube.
The code Moritz used to find these values is here:

All of Moritz Firsching’s 3D models:

Their post on the number of unfoldings in higher dimensions.

This is the Math Overflow post which started it all:

Peter Turney’s 1984 paper Unfolding the Tesseract

The cubes I am using are called "mathlink" and I just bought a huge quantity from Amazon (because Learning Resources didn’t answer my emails).

The unfolding animation of the ‘Dali cross’ was kindly made by my Patreon supporter John Sawyer.

I actually put the rough-cut of this video out on Patreon earlier this week so they could provide feedback and help test the site. Thanks so much for all of your help everyone!

– I saw "288" at the end of the 8D number when it should be "228". The on-screen number is correct. I noticed too late to fix it!
– At 21:09 I say Diaz and O’Rourke found an unfolding of the Dali cross which tiles the plane. It’s actually a different 3D net they found which does this and the Dali is undetermined if it produces a tiling 2D net. (Thanks Dan L by email.)
– Let me know if you spot any more mistakes!

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