How Many Humans Can Earth Support? (Part 4)

From Trace Dominguez. ( YouTube / Nebula )

Every year, 80 million people are added to the planet, how many can Earth feed?!
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Our planet is singular, there are none other like it (that we know of) anywhere in the galaxy. Our plant is also a finite size, with finite resources. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out. This means, eventually we’re going to hit the maximum population that our planet can sustain. How many people can Earth feed? How soon until we reach that #maximumpopulation? What can we do to feed 10 billion? 15 billion?! Is it even possible? In this video I answer these questions AND MORE!
0:00 Can we feed everyone?
2:57 We need a bigger pie
4:00 We need fewer forks
5:05 need better manners
6:02 We’re working on it, sort of…
8:31 But even if we do, what happens when we go?
What about to eat a vegetarian diet? Will we have cows on Mars? What’s the 2020 version of replicators from Star Trek? I have so many questions, so let’s kick into it. This week I explore the evolution, economics, classism of eating meat, and where the human diet might go in #thefuture.
PART 1 : how much more does it cost to eat meat?
PART 2 : what’s the food of the future today?
PART 3 : is alternative meat?
PART 4 : how many people can Earth feed?
PART 5 : cows on Mars?

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How many people can Earth actually support?
It’s no surprise that as the world population continues to grow, the limits of essential global resources such as potable water, fertile land, forests and fisheries are becoming more obvious.

How many humans can Earth sustain? And what does it mean if we’ve already passed it?
An astronaut on the moon who covered Earth with his thumb would eclipse 7.7 billion people.
In the time it’s taken to read this sentence (about five seconds), 24 people have been born.

Can the Planet Support 11 Billion People?
By the end of this century, that many people may be inhabiting this planet, according to the latest U.N. projections

The Economic Case for Worldwide Vegetarianism
Not curbing its taste for meat could cost the U.S. almost $200 billion each year—and the global economy up to $1.6 trillion.

How Many People can the Earth Support?
A MUCH-HEATED debate has evolved over the past few decades regarding the future of human population growth and the number of humans that the planet Earth is able to sustain. Some claim that Earth has already reached its human carrying capacity.

The nine planetary boundaries
Estimates of how the different control variables for seven planetary boundaries have changed from 1950 to present. The green shaded polygon represents the safe operating space.

We are exceeding Earth’s carrying capacity. Denying it is suicidal.
The Breakthrough Institute seeks to enlist readers in his optimistic vision of the future. [where there are] many more people on the planet and each enjoys a high standard of living, while environmental impacts are reduced. It’s a cheery vision. If only it were plausible.

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