How Many Poppy Seed Bagels Does It Take to Fail a Drug Test? | The Breakdown Ep. 4

From Inside Edition.

Host Luke Mones is back with a new episode of The Breakdown! He’s seeing how many poppy seeds it takes to fail a drug test, and he’s using Inside Edition staffers as his guinea pigs.

Then, digital reporter Stephanie Officer meets a handsome fitness enthusiast who’s raising a very curious baby vervet monkey.

Luke interrupts himself to answer a popular viewer request, and finally gives you a tour of the Inside Edition bathroom.

And digital reporter Sal Bono takes us inside the Inside Edition vaults for a story from the 1990s about “internet addicts.”

Check out for more on these stories. And let us know what you’d like to see in future episodes!

In this episode:

Test It Out: How Many Poppy Seeds Does It Take to Fail a Drug Test?: 01:01

We’ve Got the Video: Bringing Up Baby Monkey: 05:09

The Comments Section: 08:13

Flashback: Internet Addicts: 10:06

What Does Internet Addiction Look Like Today?: 11:18