How Mike Andes Makes $133K/Month in Lawn Care (Progress Update)


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Most landscape business owners strive to reach a 7-figure revenue, but for Mike Andes that was first step. If you’re wondering how to quickly grow and scale a lawn care business, our interview with Mike just might answer all your questions.

Starting with just $15K, Mike Andes grew Augusta Lawn Care’s revenue to over $100K a month within 3 years of opening. He’s growing his business even further through franchising and has opened more than 37 locations across North America. In this progress update, we’ll find out how that’s going and learn his secrets to franchising successfully.

When he’s not running his landscaping company, Mike Andes shares his business insights through his YouTube channel and landscaping business course.

We’ll get some of those insights today, like how he creates business systems that are self-sustaining, how he hires and manages his staff, and how his marketing strategies have shifted as he’s grown.

Of course, even a successful entrepreneur like Mike Andes isn’t perfect. We’ll find out what mistakes he’s made scaling his business, how he got back on track, and how others can avoid the same missteps.

He’ll also share how he kept growing through 2020 despite the added challenges of COVID-19 and what changes he’s made in the last year to keep new customers coming in.

Mike Andes’s insights aren’t just for lawn care business owners. Anyone who’s considering scaling or franchising their business can follow Mike’s advice for improving processes and growing revenue even in less-than-perfect conditions. You can find out more about Mike Andes’s company at their website,

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