How Much Cash Can a Laundromat Business Really Make? (Pt. 1)


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Have you ever asked yourself how to start a laundry business or how much do laundromats make? Rosie Wash Express Laundry owner Jeff Orgill is here to share the answers—and they might just surprise you.

A film producer and editor by trade, Jeff bought a laundromat business with his wife in 2017 in the hopes of generating some passive income. With both a coin laundry and a wash-and-fold service, Rosie Wash is now a growing, successful business that’s just about doubled its yearly revenue since the Orgills bought it.

Today, we’re talking to Jeff about owning a laundromat. We’ll find out the typical laundromat profit margin and how that’s changed since he’s added pick-up and delivery service.

Along with that, he’ll share his tips on how to start a laundry business that grows its profits year after year and what his next steps are to improve the business even further.

Jeff’s innovative approach to his laundry business has been key in expanding his customer base. He’ll tell us how he grew beyond the geographic limitations that are common for laundromats and how much location impacts his success.

How you market your laundry business is a big part of this, too. We’ll hear Jeff’s advertising strategy and how he’s built Rosie Wash’s reputation.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Are laundromats profitable?” this is an interview you need to watch!

You can find out more about Jeff and Rosie Wash by checking out their website, We think you’ll be as impressed by their success as we are.

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0:00 Intro
1:40 About Jeff
2:44 Initial cost
3:48 Equipment cost breakdown
5:06 Revenue since start
5:46 Is laundromat a seasonal business?
6:51 Monthly expenses
8:29 Profit margins
9:24 Jeff’s advice to audience
10:17 Laundromat as a passive income
11:51 Advantages of purchasing an established laundromat
12:35 Outro

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