How Much Cash Can a Laundromat Business Really Make? (Pt. 2)


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Are laundromats profitable? That’s one of the questions we asked Jeff Orgill, owner of the Rosie Wash laundry business. If you’ve ever considered opening a laundromat, you’ll want to hear his answers.

When Jeff bought his laundromat business, it was fully operational but in need of some improvements. He’s since grown the business beyond the typical self-serve coin laundry facility, adding a wash and fold service with pickup and delivery options.

That service has doubled its revenue in the past 3 months and expanded Rosie Wash’s customer base beyond the immediate geographic area.

A lot of Jeff’s motivation for buying a laundry business was to give himself more time to spend with his family. In part two of our interview with Jeff, we’ll dig deeper into the life of a laundromat owner and find out whether it’s turned out to be the passive income source he was hoping for.

He’ll also share his laundromat profit margin figures and whether the coin laundry or the wash-and-fold service is a bigger money maker.

Laundromats are an essential business in most communities, and that necessity makes a laundry business a relatively stable industry. In this interview, we’ll learn how steady Jeff’s sales are and how he’s marketed the business to reach more customers.

We’ll also find out what improvements he made when he first bought the laundromat and which of those has proven to be the best expense in the long-term.

Anyone can start a successful laundry business, especially if you follow Jeff’s tips and advice. Make sure to head over to the Rosie Wash website,, if you want to learn more about them and their services.

Here’s the link to Part 1 ►

Detailed guide on how to start a laundromat business coming soon.

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4:34 Average spending per month
5:33 Biggest challenges
7:37 How to determine the right location
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10:25 Piece of advice, suggestions from Jeff
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