How Oxygen Masks Brought Down a Plane

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The same safety feature that gives you oxygen during an airplane emergency caused a plane to crash in 1996. How did something meant to keep you safe end up killing over 100 people?
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Background on the disaster

Amount of oxygen at 30,000 feet

Size and shape of chemical oxygen generators

Canister components,less%20than%201%25%20potassium%20perchlorate .

Decomposition reaction,of%20the%20reaction%20sustains%20itself.

NTSB accident report

How airplane oxygen generators work

Why the O2 mask might smell smokey,is%20a%20continuous%20flow%20design.&text=During%20the%20time%20when%20you,fully%20inflate%20during%20this%20process.

The role of barium peroxide in chemical oxygen generators

Amount of oxygen generated

Oxygen candle use on submarines and ISS

FAA Accident lessons learned

Contractor found guilty, mechanic still on the run,improperly%20handling%20the%20hazardous%20materials . ;

Oxygen jar experiment

Fire melted aluminum components

Safety regulations changed after the crash