How Practicing Slower Will Get You There Faster


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Welcome to, I’m Robert Estrin. The subject today is about how practicing slower will get you where you want to be faster. It seems counter-intuitive. I have seen so many students falling into a trap. Maybe you’ve had this experience. Or if you’re a teacher, you’ve seen students succumb to the false promise of solving problems by playing too quickly. They’re playing a piece and they miss something so they go back a little bit, and then they miss it again. Then they get more and more frustrated. They’ll say, "No, wait. I can get this. I know I can get this!" They just want to have the satisfaction of getting it right once. But they keep reinforcing the mistake because every time they play it again, they miss it. After many failed attempts they get it right, and they feel so good that they’ve finally gotten it. Of course, then they move on and do exactly the same thing with the next section. This is akin to someone who gets stuck in quicksand and they struggle to get out moving furiously. And what happens? They sink deeper and deeper! If they keep doing that long enough, they will end up so deep in the hole they cannot get out. And the same thing can happen in your practice if you’re not careful.

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