How the next president could change policing | 2020 Election

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What the candidates can (and can’t) do about police reform.

What do you wish the presidential candidates would talk about?

Police reform is a major issue in the 2020 election, yet it’s also one of the issues the president has little control over. Police are primarily funded and managed by local governments instead of the federal government. So when it comes to what the president or Congress can actually do to change policing in America…it’s pretty limited.

But the federal government does have the power to change what’s called qualified immunity. It’s a legal protection that shields police from lawsuits over violations of people’s constitutional rights. For protesters of police brutality, reforming it is at the top of their list. And its future could hang on the election.

This video is the fifth in our series on the 2020 election. We aren’t covering the horse race; instead, we want to explain the stakes of the election through the issues that matter the most to you. To do that, we want to know what you think the US presidential candidates should be talking about. Tell us here:

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