How To Be The Funniest Person In Any Room

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With 3 consecutive Grammy’s to his name, it’s safe to say that Dave Chappelle’s humor works.  If not for literally everyone then at least for the vast majority of people.

So in this video we’re going to explore what we can learn from Dave’s admittedly difficult to imitate style. Because even though getting to Dave’s level may be impossible, there are 5 core building blocks that anyone can use to immediately become much funnier.


0:35 – #1: Adopt different characters.
1:31 – #2: Adopt the tone and mannerisms of the character.
3:39 – #3: Have good comedic timing.
6:29 – #3: The fake out.
9:31 – #4: The comedic simile.
10:28 – Final mindset.
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