How to Convince Others to Wear a Mask


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How can we convince others to wear a mask? Here are six tips I need you to share with… your community. You’re a science communicator now. If you think about wearing a mask like other behaviours and actions related to our health – wearing seatbelts, condoms, sunscreen and more – we can look at things that did (and didn’t work) in public health campaigns in the past. I hope you like my PSA.

Want to know all about the science of masks? Science Sam has you covered:

Want to see how masks work in slow motion? It’s Okay to be Smart:

The physics of how masks work is really interesting too. Minute Physics:

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0:00 BrainCraft PSA
1:12 You’re a Science Communicator
2:44 1) Appeal to empathy
3:42 2) Forget about “common sense”
4:00 3) Meet people where they are
5:00 4) Emphasise the positives
5:41 5) Compare to familiar actions
7:18 6) Be nice, be persistent
7:37 Please share this message
8:40 The year of statistics

Music by Epidemic Sound:

The “Your Community” study:
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How States Achieve High Seat Belt Use Rates:

US national library of medicine Digital Gallery of Public Health Posters:

EXCELLENT article from The Atlantic, which inspired me to make this video:


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