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The flood of information spilling across social networks into classrooms has led to cries for more “fact-checking,” but what exactly is that? How do you do it – especially if you’re trying to check something that happened decades ago?

In this behind the scenes video, made for our new education initiative, Joe Hogan, head of fact-checking at Retro Report, answers those questions, and explains why fact-checking is a needed skill today, whether you’re a making a video, writing a news story, or just trying to stay informed.

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Bring history to life for your students! Retro Report is building a free, easy-to-use education site for high school teachers based on our archive of 200+ short documentaries. Each lesson plan includes an engaging 10-15 minute video that connects a chapter from history to students’ world today. The videos and our additional resources inspire critical thinking and discussion on a variety of subjects including history, civics and science.

Don’t leave fact-checking to the fact-checkers: To stop misinformation at its source, everyone (students especially) should learn how to verify information.

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