How To Install a PERFECT Tile Backsplash (All Materials, Tools and Prices Included)

From Stud Pack.

Hey Gang! Before we started this backsplash project we realized we had never done a super in depth backsplash tutorial. So we poured everything we had into this one! Our goal for this video was to be a one stop shop for all questions and troubles you may have when tackling this yourself. Of course we can’t touch on everything, so feel free to ask any questions below! If we don’t get to it a member of the Pack will. We’ve included every tool you’ll need for a job like this (Ceramic tile) and the price, so you can get a good idea of how much money and time it’ll take you, you got this! Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see ya in the next one

Check out this website for so many tips and tricks. If we didn’t cover it in this video, this will have it