How to Make a Burger That Costs $437

From How To Make Everything.

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There is no better meal than a freshly grilled burger and french fries. Today, we’re exploring the ancient origin of this iconic American meal just in time for the Fourth of July! We’ll be producing all of the tools from scratch and discovering just how much it costs.

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Created and Hosted by Andy George
Co-Hosted and Assistance by Lauren Lexvold
Camera and Cinematography by Daniel Garritsen
Primary Editing by Joseph Knox-Carr

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▼ Video Chapters ▼
0:00 Episode Intro
0:36 Series Intro Sequence
1:51 Origin of Burger and Fries
2:31 Forging the Kitchen Tools
5:08 | Gathering the Ingredients
6:28 | Crafting the Fries
7:49 | Making the Bread
8:37 | Crafting the Burger
12:02 | Cooking the Burger and Fries
13:05 | Making the Sauce
13:28 | The Final Touches
13:51 | Taste Test
15:33 | Episode Outro