How To Make A Cartesian Diver


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• empty squeezable plastic water bottle w/ tight lid
• enough water to fill the bottle (tap water is fine)
• four (4) sugar cubes
• four (4) paperclips
• two (2) toothpicks (wood ones work best)
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (ground)
• two (2) different colors of vinyl electrical tape (you’ll need at least 100m of length per tape)
• transparent tape (at least four feet)
• an assortment of ketchup packets
• small metal bowl (make sure it’s not too warm!)
• pencil (doesn’t have to be #2) that has been left over night in a dish of salt


Hosted by
Michael Stevens

Edited by
Hannah Canetti

VFX by
Eric Langlay

Music by Jake Chudnow and from AudioNetwork



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