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What if 100 of our favorite YouTube channels faced sudden, total demonetization of their channels — and the only way to save them was to play a game of chance that required all 100 YouTubers to win what amounts to a coin flip?

If that sounds hopeless, that’s because it pretty much is.

The odds against 100 successful rounds are astronomical, but that’s the scenario in our version of a computer science problem with roots going back to 2004. Exploring the possibilities of combinatorics and the context of permutations allows us to vastly improve the odds of our 100 YouTubers’ overall success *without* improving their individual chances. By recognizing that the game actually contains a series of chains within each permutation, I develop a strategy for our 100 YouTube heroes that will vault their chances of keeping their channels from being demonetized all the way from impossible to… surprisingly good.

All 100 YouTubers

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