How To Save The Maldives? (The 7 Choices)


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How Would You Save The Maldives? (The 7 Choices)

The Maldives, 2119 – in the Indian Ocean.

Children play on the streets, as worshippers enter the city mosque for their morning prayer; fresh fruit & vegetable stands line the alleyways, as nearby fishermen (with their buckets of entrails) gut their morning catch on the sidewalk – this is the city of Malé, the capital of the Maldives; and in 2119 (aside from some advanced architecture) it appears life in the Maldives isn’t so different from a hundred years earlier.

But the closer you look, the more you may miss; because you should in fact be looking from afar – far back enough to see that the nation of islands (formerly known as the Maldives) has actually long been evacuated.

In place, a nation of oil rigs; because this is the new Maldives.

Over 400 offshore oil rigs (no longer used for drilling – refurbished to hold the entire Maldivian population), with rigs for general housing, but also solely for specific functions – like livestock rigs, airport rigs, landfill, government, education, and even prison oil rigs – essentially preserving the classic Maldivian way of life in much the same geographical location from a century earlier.

Now with rising sea levels due to climate change, this is just one version of events – one possible future scenario – to save The Maldives and its people; and in this video, we’ll be covering the rest as we build up to the finale – with the most impenetrable, the most unexpected, and the most extravagant one of all.

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