How to Start $500K/Year Pressure Washing Business (Pt. 1)


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Can a pressure washing business make $500k/year and grow between 50-100% annually? Believe it! Those are the real numbers for Washing Racoons, one of the country’s top pressure washing companies.

In our interview, we’re speaking with Ilia Nazarov who started his power washing service four years ago after moving from Russia. He’s expanded the business into LA, Chicago, and Las Vegas and developed an astounding client list that includes UCLA, Kaiser Permanente, along with numerous celebrities and politicians.

This is a two-part interview and Ilia is telling us all the secrets of the pressure washing business. He’ll give us insights on how to develop a top-tier client list and how to work with some of the top professionals in the power washing industry.

We’ll learn about Ilia’s background and about setting up a solid foundation for starting a pressure washing business. He’ll tell us about the importance of customer service and how he finds the right people for the right place.

If you’ve ever been curious about rope access power washing, Ilia is going to explain how his business expanded from residential washing to taking care of large commercial and industrial structures.

He’s also going to give us insights on how he markets and advertises his business and explain how he intends to expand Washing Raccoons into a nationwide power washing operation.

Want to know what exactly those guys hanging off the side of a building are doing and how much money they rake in? Then pay attention! Ilia is going to answer all your questions.

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