How to Start $500K/Year Pressure Washing Business (Pt. 2)


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Can you really make $500K a year washing buildings? It’s true! To learn how, we spoke with Ilia Nazarov, owner of Washing Racoons. He’s telling us all about how to start a successful pressure washing business.

Ilia started Washing Racoons four years ago. And since then, he’s turned his business into one of the most sought-after power washing services in the country. His business has grown between 50-100% every year!

In part two of our interview, we’ll go further into the world of residential and industrial power washing. Ilia will tell us about how he connected with some of the top people in the industry—even someone on the team that cleaned the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

We’ll talk to Ilia about the beginnings of his business and his passion for working with difficult to reach structures. He’ll explain how he went from residential washing to working with top clients like UCLA and Kaiser Permanente.

Working on large structures helped Washing Raccoons grow, but we’ll also talk to Ilia about his customer service principles and how that helped him gain loyal celebrity and political clientele.

We’ll also delve into some of the operational costs and the overhead involved in the power washing industry.

If you’ve looked up at the skyscrapers in LA, you’ve probably seen some of Ilia’s crew. In our interview, you’ll learn how to put your fear of heights aside and monetize a pressure washing business. You don’t want to miss it!

You can visit the Washing Raccoons site at

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