How to Start a $600K/year Car Wrapping Business (Pt. 2)

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How much can you make with a car wrapping business? Tailored Auto Styling generated more than $200K in revenue their second year in business, and is on track to break the $600K mark in 2021, and today we’re getting the inside scoop on how they did it.

Anthony Fisher didn’t start off with car wrapping. His first business was a more general decal and screen-printing operation, but when he saw the high demand and growth potential for viny car wrap services he made the pivot. Four years later, Tailored Auto Styling has built a reputation for providing an exceptional customer experience for clients ranging from luxury car owners to commercial vehicle fleets.

A vinyl wrap business has a low barrier to entry, and you don’t need a huge budget or tons of experience to get started. That said, there’s more to being successful than knowing how to vinyl wrap a car. Anthony’s smart business systems paved the way for his impressive growth.

In our interview, Anthony will explain why organization and simplicity are key for a small business, and how he developed and implemented processes at Tailored Auto Styling to keep it growing steadily. Customer service is a big part of this, too, and Anthony shares his tips on creating a winning customer experience.

If you’re creative and passionate about cars, a car vinyl wrap business could be a great fit, and Anthony’s tips and insight can be a huge help in getting started. You can learn more about Tailored Auto Styling online at

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Average Customer Invoice
1:47 Marketing Spending and Budget
3:10 Jobs and Equipment Overview
4:14 Commercial vs. Private Work
5:08 Employees and Building A-Team
6:19 Cutting and Printing Machines
7:45 Customer Service and Experience
8:54 Job Organization and Tracking Board
9:43 Why Do Car Wrapping Businesses Fail?
10:31 Outro