How to Start a Business: Step-by-Step from Idea to Launch (Pt. 2)


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Do you want to know how to start a business—and how to launch and scale your product or service? Paul Akers is the mind behind the multimillion-dollar company FastCap, and he’s going to teach you the steps to starting a business.

FastCap began in Paul’s garage in 1997 with one innovative product. Since then, he’s expanded FastCap into a global business that launches over 30 products every year and distributes to over 40 countries.

Entrepreneurs and executives from all over the world are on a waiting list to tour his manufacturing warehouse, and top companies like Amazon and Mercedes Benz repeatedly call on Paul to speak to their teams about business and productivity.

In part 2 of our interview, we’ll further explore Paul’s insights on starting a business and learn about funding a new venture.

He’ll share his best tips on how to start a company along with insights on launching and marketing new products. We’ll talk about hiring and team building and the things Paul wished he knew when he first started.

Starting your own business is risky and rewarding. In our talk with Paul, we’ll discover the major reasons only a small percentage of entrepreneurs succeed and over 70% of businesses fail.

Paul’s wisdom is gold for anyone learning how to start a small business, and we learn something new every time we speak with him. Head over to Paul’s site,, to learn more about his business and amazing story.

You can also learn more about FastCap here:

Here’s the link to Part 1 ►

Link to lean manufacturing mentioned in the intro ►

Link to product validation mentioned in the video ►

Be sure to check out our blog for additional information, for tools and complete guides to starting your own business:

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0:00 Intro
0:52 Failure in the first year
2:46 Showing Pauls products
4:12 Marketing
6:15 Blitz
8:26 Consistent growth of FastCap
10:04 Blitz part 2
11:53 Tips on hiring employees
14:07 Words of encouragement
15:33 Scaling
17:41 Outro

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