How to Start a Clothing Business (See How He Did It) Pt. 1


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Do you love vintage clothes? You can turn that passion into a career by opening a clothing store or starting a clothing business. Throwback NW has both, along with a 20-year history that has made them a Seattle institution.

Rio Estolas took over Throwback NW in 2008, though he got his start selling vintage gear on eBay two years prior. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs gave him a deep knowledge of how to open a clothing store, and the shop’s monthly revenue increased by more than 25% after he took charge. He’s recently expanded the business by developing a clothing line in partnership with Seattle-based Ebbets Field Flannels.

In this interview, we’ll hear Rio’s tips on how to start a clothing business that grows and succeeds year after year. We’ll find out how much it costs to open a clothing store, what kind of profit margins you can expect, and what a good day and a bad day look like for a clothing business. He’ll also talk about how to start a clothing brand and share his tips for those who want to launch their own line.

Throwback NW is a popular brick-and-mortar store, but they have a growing online presence, as well. We’ll learn what role social media plays in their marketing and customer engagement, as well as advice on creating an online presence that works in tandem with an in-person retail store.

Anyone wondering how to start a clothing line or clothing store will learn a ton from this video. You can find out more about Throwbacks NW at their website,

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