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Amazon’s The Boys is full of personalities that are fun to watch but would be terrible to encounter in real life.
Superpowers aside, we’ve all encountered this type: tough guy bully who tries to push you around, make you uncomfortable, or get you to agree to something you don’t really want. So that’s why in this video we’ll cover 6 psychological tricks bullies use to control you and what you can do to avoid or stop those them in their tracks.

NB! Since we’re mainly using Billy Butcher and Homelander as examples of our tough guys, there will be light spoilers through season 1 of the Boys.


0:00 – Intro.
0:38 – #1: Mismatching friendly gestures with domineering physicality.
1:39 – #2: Forcing you to make decisions in a highly emotional state.
3:39 – #3: Listen for the insult.
5:21 – #4: Demands with personal threats attached.
7:01 – #5: Threaten you with their own harm or sadness.

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