I Drove 200 MPH On A Public Road – Scary!

From Engineering Explained.

Driving 200+ MPH In A McLaren 720S On A Public Road In America!
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I’ve always wanted to drive 200 miles per hour, but the closest I’ve ever gotten was 155 mph in a Hyundai. In this video, we set out to change that, I as I take part in Sun Valley’s Tour de Force in a 2022 McLaren 720S Spider, a 710 horsepower supercar with a sticker price of $370,300.

There’s about a three mile stretch of road just north of Sun Valley, Idaho, where the drive takes place. You start off with a blind corner about a mile long, you then have a mile further to reach the finish line, and finally you slow things down with the remaining mile. My goal was to hit 200 mph. Did I make it? Enjoy!

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