I tried caving and found out I’m very bad at caving

From Tom Scott plus.

I was invited to Peak Cavern by caving expert @Elise Freshwater-Blizzard! It sounded like a great adventure, but my body decided otherwise. ■ Elise’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/flipe2ne1https://www.instagram.com/elisefreshwaterblizzard/

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Series Producer: Cambria Bailey-Jones
Assistant Producer: Sophie Newton
Editor: Pierre Blanc
Camera Operator: Jamie MacLeod
Executive Producer: Guy Larsen

Safety and instruction provided by Pete at Beth Knight from Peak Instruction: https://www.peakinstruction.com/
Filmed at Peak Cavern: https://peakcavern.co.uk/
Special Thanks to Leo Jay

A Pad 26 / Penny4 Production www.penny4.co.uk