I wired my tree with 500 LED lights and calculated their 3D coordinates.

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Huge thanks to Eugénie von Tunzelmann for helping me out with this video. You can see more of Eugénie in my "General Relativity: Top 05 Mishaps [inc INTERSTELLAR]" video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4oy6mnkyW4

Thanks to Ben Sparks for helping out with the GeoGebra file. You can try an online version here: https://www.geogebra.org/m/p2pdz6v2

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Here is my code on github (along with the 3D coordinates of all 500 LEDs on my tree). If you have a program you would like to see run on my tree, email me matt@standupmaths.com

My prototype LEDs were type WS2801 and wired to as Raspberry Pi Zero.

The WS2801 LEDs I used on Amazon. Other retailers are available.

I set-up the Pi to run ‘headless’ (no monitor or keyboard) largely using this guide:

I followed this guide to wire and program the WS2801 LEDs. If you use an off-the-shelf power supply you do not need to worry about the mains wiring (which you should not do unless you are qualified).

Then I switched the WS2811 LEDs because I could buy 500 of them (they are also cheaper). I also switched to a Raspberry Pi 3 because my Pi Zero didn’t have wifi.

The WS2811 LEDs I used on Amazon. Other retailers are available.

I wired up the WS2811 LEDs and coded them using this guide.

– None yet. Let me know if you spot anything!

Thanks again, as always, for Jane Street being my principal sponsor.

Thanks to my Patreon supporters who funded those LEDs. If this video does well, I’ll buy even more next year.

Filming and editing by Alex Genn-Bash and Matt Parker
Music by Howard Carter
Design by Simon Wright and Adam Robinson

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