IR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry: Crash Course Organic Chemistry #5

From Crash Course.

It’s time for molecular analysis! On this episode of Crash Course Organic Chemistry, we’re learning about mass spectrometry and infrared spectroscopy through the lens of a forensic investigation. Put on your lab coats, and let’s solve this mystery!

Episode Sources:
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Spectra for pseudoephedrine: BioRad/Sadtler Data Collection, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Philadelphia, PA (US), Spectra ID: BR125952
Spectra for methamphetamine: Kunalan, V., Daeid, N. N, Kerr, W. J., Buchanan, H. A. S., McPherson, A. R., “Characterization of Route Specific Impurities Found in Methamphetamine Synthesized by the Leuckart and Reductive Amination Methods,” Anal Chem, 2009, 81, 7342-7348.

Other spectra reproduced with permission from: SDBSWeb : (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, 6/9/2020.

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