Iraqis protest in Baghdad to mark 3rd anniversary of 2019 anti-government demonstrations

From Global News.

Marking the third anniversary since mass anti-government protests shook Iraq in 2019, demonstrators gathered in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square on Saturday morning, waving Iraqi flags and chanting slogans.

"We want security, we want work, we want our basic rights. We don’t want to fight, or to shed blood," said Laith, a young anti-government demonstrator from the capital Baghdad.

From Tahrir Square, demonstrators walked to the middle of Republic bridge leading to the Green Zone and faced security forces standing atop a concrete roadblock.

Ahead of the protest, security forces were deployed across the capital, with some bridges and roads closed off or monitored by checkpoints.

Demonstrations broke out in Iraq in October 2019 over jobs and poor services. Tens of thousands took to the streets calling for the overthrow of Iraq’s ruling elite.

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