Is THIS the *NEW* BEST SHOWER BACKER BOARD?! (Called the Manufacturer)

From Stud Pack.

Hey Gang! We’ve got a fun one today. Let’s start off by showing you the end result of Mom’s shower! It turned out absolutely beautiful, but since we didn’t tile it, we couldn’t show you that process. It just so happens we’re building a shower in our current project from start to finish and we DO get to show you every step of the way on this one! Let’s start with backer board and water proofing with our Schluter Kerdi. We stopped by the store to pick up some cement board and as fate would have it they were completely out, so we picked up this Triton board and fell in love. On top of that they had excellent customer service and apparently plan to roll out some awesome products so we’ll be on the lookout! We can’t wait to show you all of our tips on how to get a professional and stunning shower in your bathroom, and you can apply what we’re showing you in these videos to most applications and challenges you face! Thanks for watching and we’ll see ya on the next one!

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