KAIZEN: Transform Your Business and Love It (with Paul Akers) Pt. 2


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If you haven’t seen Part 1, watch it here ►

Do you want to increase profits and boost productivity in your company? Using the Kaizen process can help you do both, as you’ll learn in this two-part interview with lean guru Paul Akers.

Paul Akers is the founder and president of the product development company FastCap, which he runs using the lean practices and Kaizen philosophy he outlines in books like 2 Second Lean.

Today, Paul talks us through how he uses the Kaizen method of continuous improvement to eliminate waste and live up to FastCap’s mission to make things faster, simpler, and safer.

In part two of our interview with Paul, we’ll dig deeper into the benefits of Kaizen continuous improvement for companies, including real-world examples of ways he’s used it to better his business.

He’ll also explain the Kaizen 5S, or the core concepts of the Kaizen method, and share what challenges he’s faced in putting them into practice.

The Kaizen philosophy isn’t new—in fact, it’s been a concept in Japan for thousands of years. Modern Japanese corporations using Kaizen (Toyota is one you’ll likely recognize) are prime examples of how the method can be applied.

We’ll look at some of those Kaizen examples, along with sharing some practical advice on how to implement Kaizen training in companies of all sizes and from all industries.

This is a must-watch video for any entrepreneur who wants to optimize their business (and we’re pretty sure that’s all of them!). If you want more info on lean, Kaizen, or Paul Akers, check him out online at https://paulakers.net.

For more information about FastCap, go to: https://www.fastcap.com.

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