Keep ’em Rollin’, Tim!

From Grand Illusions.

While you can throw, bounce or catch a ball, Tim has many ball toys in his collection that do all sorts of unusual things…

The Snail Ball rolls down a slope incredibly slowly…

A ball that – when you turn it around – has a Father Christmas face on the other side. Touch the two metal contacts with a moist finger and he talks!

A baseball on one side – with a face a bit like a gargoyle on the other side. ‘Crazy Ball’ they call it!

‘Blaster Balls’ are made of some kind of ceramic substance, and embedded in the surface are lots of little ‘caps’ – tiny pieces of material that will make a bang when ignited, which is done by contact with a hard object, normally the other Blaster Ball.

‘Astro Jacks’ are a juggling toy, with three balls on a string.