Kenwood – The masters of desirable yet attainable Hi-Fi

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A bit of history, some reminiscing and a demo – its all in this video about Kenwood.
Kenwood have been around since the 1960s and the 1940s (the video explains more) – but it’s their 1980s and 1990s black components full of buttons, clever features and flashing lights that I remember lusting after. While this period might not have been Kenwood at their best, it’s the Kenwood I know best and this video looks at two components from this era.

Potential future FAQ Answer
The Youtube Audio Library Track I use at the end is called ‘Good Times’ it is by Patrick Patrikios and can be downloaded here:

…and yes, I think I may have recorded it just a bit hot…oh and I’ve been told the Dolby C demo sounds a bit odd (I couldn’t tell as I’ve got a head cold that’s affecting my hearing) however I tend not to use Dolby C or any noise reduction for recording – I’m fine with the hiss (what little I can hear of it now) and eschewing NR means a tape can be played back on any deck.

A couple of people on Patreon pointed out that a possible reason that 16 was chosen as a maximum limit for the tape repeat function was down to using a 4 bit counter.

Regarding the ‘top 20’ HiFi companies list
This isn’t a list of the best or worst or the top or bottom companies, or personal favourites – just the first five that popped into people’s heads. Imagine if someone came up to you in the street with a microphone and said ‘name any five HiFi companies in ten seconds to win a new car’ – these are the ones that most people would name.
There were approximately 150 different companies named. If you can think of a HiFi company then its more than likely one of the 460 people who responded will have named it.



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