Making Advanced™️ Kids Music (odd meters, metric Modulation, etc)


From “Adam Neely”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

YouTubers made, and then reacted to a really weird kid’s album with strange meters!
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Listen to the album, Tuplets for Toddler here, or wherever you stream your music! (Spotify, etc!)

"All proceeds from this album will be going directly to Save the Children UK. Save the Children exists to help every child reach their full potential. In the UK and around the world, they make sure that children stay safe, healthy and keep learning, so they can become who they want to be.

Last year, 38.7 million children were reached directly by Save the Children’s movement in over 100 countries. Responding to ongoing emergencies in Yemen, Syria, as well as the recent explosion in Beirut, we are delighted to be raising funds to contribute to this ongoing support."

Thanks to Alan Stewart for organizing this! Go check out the Numberphile Podcast now!

Watch the extended version of this video here

0:00 Intro
2:06 The Itsy Bitsy Spider in Quintuplets
4:20 BINGO in 5/4 (mostly)
7:30 London Bridge in Mixed Meter
10:52 Ring-a-ring o’ Roses in Free Time
14:07 Wind the Bobbin Up in 11/8
16:36 Hickory Dickory Dock in Polyrhythm
18:34 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Additive Meter
20:32 Frère Jacques in 7/4
24:44 Row, Row, Row the Boat in Tempo Canon
27:31 Ants Marchin in Metric Modulation

Shawn Crowder

Ben Levin

Aimee Nolte

Justice Cow

David Bruce Composer



David Bennet Piano

8-Bit Music Theory


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